Friendship or Love?

Song of Songs 1:4 – How right they are to adore you!

As we settle into our marriage and time passes, it’s good to remind ourselves of how and why we fell in love. What was this like for you? For your beloved?

As life gets busy with kids, work, and daily activities, it becomes more difficult to prioritize time with your spouse. Remember, you are not only husband and wife but best friends. It’s important to make time for each other to do things that you both enjoy. Grace and I love to take time to go on walks and talk together. If we want to maintain a healthy relationship and friendship with our spouse, it’s important to protect our priorities. 

As a Christian our priorities should be first and foremost our relationship with God, then our spouse, then our kids, then our work/ministry. It’s a myth to think that romance is effortless and if you could just find your soulmate, marriage will be a breeze. The truth is that marriage is a war with the enemy who seeks to divide you and your spouse, so you need to have your priorities in order and seek to protect them. 

Hierarchy of Priorities

1.    Healthy relationship with God as a Christian

2.    Healthy relationship with each other as a married couple

3.    Healthy relationship with each of our children as parents

4.    Healthy work-life balance as employees at work

5.    Healthy relationship with extended family members and close, Christian friends

How are you doing with protecting the priorities in your own life and what changes can you make to protect them well

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