How Satan is Selling Knock Offs

1 Thessalonians 2:3 – For our appeal does not spring from error or impurity or any attempt to deceive…

I grew up in a poor working-class neighborhood without any fancy stores. On the weekends, as a kid, I remember going to the swap meet on Saturdays. It was held in the parking lot of a giant drive-in movie theater. The entire complex was filled with rows of vendors selling most anything you could imagine. 

I remember seeing some things that were fancy but selling for cheap. For example, brand new concert t-shirts, designer handbags and luggage, along with name brand clothing were all very cheaply priced. I asked my mom why these things were so much cheaper at the swap meet and she told me “they are fakes, these are not genuine”. At that moment, I suddenly learned what “knock off” meant. 

What God creates, Satan counterfeits. 

God is the Designer. Satan is the faker. And the entire world is one giant swap meet filled with knock offs. 

This simple truth is the key to understanding spiritual warfare and having discernment, or the ability to distinguish between the two. The new Christians in Thessalonica were forced to discern between these two in several different ways, which we’ll look at more in depth tomorrow.       

What things do you see in your life and world where Satan counterfeits what God created?

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