Is the world black and white or a spectrum of color?

Jude 18-19 – They said to you, “In the last time there will be scoffers, following their own ungodly passions.” It is these who cause divisions, worldly people, devoid of the Spirit. 

Bible-believing Christians think in terms of black and white (binary thinking). Non-Christians think in terms of a spectrum or rainbow. Biblical thinking is binary thinking. 

Biblical Christianity requires black-and-white thinking because it is dualistic. From beginning to end, the Bible is thoroughly categorical: Satan and God, demons and angels, sin and holiness, lies and truth, wolves and shepherds, non-Christians and Christians, damnation and salvation, Hell and Heaven. An exhaustive list could fill a book—but you get the point. The Bible makes clear distinctions and judgments between opposed categories. 

Mainstream culture is monistic. The culture does not allow black-and-white thinking. The culture refuses to allow any categories because that would mean making distinctions, which ultimately ends in making value judgments. 

Instead of Satan and God, we have a “higher power”. Instead of demons and angels, we have spirits or ghosts. 

Instead of sin and holiness, we have lifestyle choice. 

Instead of lies and absolute truth, we have your truth and my truth. Instead of wolves and shepherds, we have spiritual guides. 

Instead of non-Christians and Christians, we have everyone defined as God’s children. 

Instead of damnation and salvation, we have whatever works for you. Instead of Hell and Heaven, we have people who go to a “better place” when they die. 

Monism is a religion. Although not always formal like Christianity, it is a religious view of the world that rejects dualistic thinking. Ultimately, if we believe Scripture, this is a battle between the God of the Bible, who is intolerant, and the gods of this world, who are at war against Him. 

This is the backdrop of Jude’s battle with the world in his day, a battle that continues to our day. When you hear words like “tolerance”, “diversity”, “reconciliation”, and “progress”, you can be sure that everyone is tolerated except God, everything is welcome except God’s Word, Satan is trying to reconcile good and evil, and all of this is regress. Every generation has the same fight as Jude, which is why he tell us to “contend” for the faith, which is a fighting word (Jude 3).

Where have you seen monism/”spectrum” thinking in our culture? How important is it for Christians to stand out in today’s day by thinking in binary/black and white terms?

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