Remembering the Important Days

Song of Songs 3:11 – …on the day of his wedding, the day his heart rejoiced.

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Throughout life, we often take photos of the most important and memorable moments. There is one day, however, that we spend a lot of money to hire a professional photographer to take our most important pictures – our wedding day! 

If it’s been a while since you looked at your wedding photos, then it’s a good idea to revisit them now and then, remember why you fell in love, and rekindle any passion that’s been waning. When our kids were young, we left our wedding photo album out where they could flip through the pages with us as we explained how we met, our favorite dating times together, our wedding day, honeymoon, and life together before their arrival.

We were 21 years old, between our junior and senior years of college. We worked a lot of hours all summer to save as much money as we could, knowing we would spend our first year of marriage going to school full-time and working part-time. 

We were married in August on an unusually sweltering day and had two pastors preach (our college pastor who did our premarital counseling and Grace’s dad). We had a large wedding with hundreds and hundreds of people as well as seven bridesmaids and seven groomsmen. The church we were married in had no air conditioning, so it was an uncomfortable day in dresses and tuxes.

We were completely emotionally and physically worn out from both working two jobs all summer and welcoming all our wedding guests. For our honeymoon, we drove to the Oregon Coast for a few days, and we were so tired that we did not wake up the next day until 4 pm, just in time to eat dinner.

The two most important decisions anyone makes is who will be their God and who will be their spouse. Those are the only two covenant relationships, which is why getting married as a believer with God present is a sacred moment on a special day. We were young, broke, exhausted, in love, and happy to be able to do life together every day and enjoy the simple things.

If you’re married, look back at your wedding photos or video to remember why you first fell in love. If you’re not yet married, what momentous occasions in your life have you taken photos of or what can you learn from your parents or other older saints who love Jesus about marriage?