The Bible Saved Our Marriage

Song of Songs 1:16a – Behold, you are beautiful, my beloved, truly delightful. 

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God used the Bible to save our marriage.

We met when we were 17 and in high school. We had both been in unhealthy dating relationships previously that were sexual and sinful. When we met, we had little to no clue about how to have a healthy romantic relationship. So we did what most people do—we rushed into a deep, emotional connection too quickly, started sleeping together, and did not seek wise counsel or anything that would resemble godly help. We cared for one another but were clueless about how to take care of one another.

I (Mark) was a non-Christian; raised a Catholic, but I had no personal relationship with God. The only Bible I can remember was our giant family Bible that sat on the coffee table in our living room covered in enough dust to write “fornication” on it with your finger. Grace was a pastor’s daughter who knew the Lord but was in a prodigal daughter season and was not walking with Him (which explains why she was walking with me). As we headed off to different universities, we were headed for the same misery. Thankfully, the Lord not only saved us from going to hell, but He also saved us from ourselves and from making hell of our lives.

How can you pray for your spouse (or your future spouse) as we study the Song of Songs together?

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