What Saved Our Marriage

Song of Songs 1:16a – Behold, you are beautiful, my beloved, truly delightful.

Our marriage is strong because of the Bible.

My wife Grace and I met and started dating at the age of 17. She was a Christian and I was not. Thankfully, Grace gave me a Bible and by God’s grace, I ended up getting saved in college. While we were dating, we were sexually active. As a believer, Grace knew this was wrong and as a new believer, I did not have any idea that it was a sin. I soon found out the truth. When I attended my very first Bible study the pastor talked about “fornication” (i.e., being sexually active outside of marriage) and I realized I had been sinning against God. I went to Grace about it and she confessed that she knew it was wrong but allowed it to happen anyway. We met with our pastor about it and repented to God for it.

From that point on we made a decision together to abstain from sex until we got married and I am so glad we did. We have now been married for 30 years and have both remained faithful to one another. We have certainly not been perfect but with the help of the Holy Spirit, we have learned a lot about God’s design for marriage and intimacy and have had numerous opportunities to teach on the topics.

How has the Bible changed your marriage for the better?

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