Who Are You?

1 Thessalonians 2:20 – For you are our glory and joy.

Yesterday, we looked at the first of two important questions: Who is God? Today, we will answer the question “Who are You?” in the context of who God is and who He has created us to be.

As brand-new believers in Jesus Christ, Paul was keen to establish their identity in Christ throughout the letter. Here are some of the warm and encouraging identities that he says the Holy Spirit has bestowed upon them:

  • Members of God’s family “the church” (1:1)
  • Recipients of “grace…and peace” (1:1)
  • Adopted into God’s family as “brothers loved by God…he has chosen you” (1:4)
  • Relationally treasured as “very dear” (2:8)
  • People who have “received the word of God” (2:13)
  • People who for their faith in Christ have “suffered” (2:14) 
  • Beloved by church leaders as “our glory and joy” (2:20) 
  • Unlike the world, people “taught by God to love one another” (4:9)
  • Taken by God into the light so they are “not in darkness” (5:4)
  • Eternally “not destined…for wrath, but to obtain salvation” (5:9) 

The new Christians and church were separated from Jesus, who had returned to Heaven, separated from Paul the Bible preaching leader who God used to save them and plant their church, and deceased relatives who had gone to Heaven with Jesus. 

Paul assures these dear people that they would be reunited with him and Timothy, along with the deceased believers who were “asleep” as their bodies lie in the ground awaiting resurrection, and Jesus Christ, who would return when the time was right to raise the dead, judge their enemies, reward the saints, and establish the Kingdom of God forever! 

How does this list of who you are in Christ, if you are a Christian, encourage you?

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