Anyone and anything can be broken, taken, or forever changed in an instant. Knowing this leaves us with only a few options: Option A – you get bitter when you lose who/what you enjoyed Option B – enjoy nothing/no one so that you cannot get hurt Option C – enjoy what you have for as long as you can and when it’s gone be grateful to God for what you had

One thing that has been particularly meaningful in recent months, is reading the emails from people all over the world who are encouraged by the Bible teaching we send out. Occasionally, however, an email is simply heartbreaking. When I read...

We can’t make something ripe. It takes time, especially one’s spiritual life. We have to lovingly, patiently wait until the time is right. Then we tell them about Jesus, love them, serve them, and instruct them. It’s only then that their hearts will open to Jesus as he’s been preparing them.

There’s only so much you can put in a load before it becomes too heavy to carry. Life is like that. We can choose to carry our burdens and the burdens of others, but Jesus reminds us that if we take them to him, he’ll carry it for us.

Does salvation involve works minus faith or faith minus works? This sermon discusses three kinds of faith and tackles the alleged contradiction between James’ and Paul’s definition of faith.

God rightly compares marriage to a vine. You’ve got to invest a lot, and you’ve got to wait a long time. You’re going to need to be patient and tending to it if you want it to grow and be fruitful. Adultery is like a Weed eater that carelessly severs the vine’s base, killing it in an instant.

The sixth commandment consists of two words in the Hebrew, “no” and “murder.” While the first word is not really debated, the second is. This sermon examines the meaning of “murder” in the Bible and discusses its implications for the issues of capital punishment and abortion.

Some of us worship our work, while others of us love being lazy. Keeping the Sabbath keeps us from those twin idols, and reminds us that Jesus’ has finished his redemptive work, allowing us to enter into his rest. This sermon explores 7 reasons we Sabbath and 7 ways we kill it.

Some moms serve up soap as an entrée for the “potty mouth.” But is cleaning it what it means to not take God’s name in vain? This sermon explores four common, yet unexpected, ways we take his name in vain.

Worship is not just a Christian activity; it’s a human activity. All people are always worshiping—atheists, agnostics, Christians, Buddhists, Muslims, etc. The question is never, “Do you worship?” rather, “Who, where, why, and how do you worship?” Entertainment, sports, tradition, family, finances, vocation, school—we think it’s just the way we do life when, in fact, these could be our gods. This sermon examines the way we divest our energy—in worship or in idolatry.

In Jesus, God has fulfilled the law and set us free. Still, many of us prefer being enslaved to rebellion and sin. Like the children of Israel, we keep circling the desert, stuck. The truth is, we can’t begin to live free until we realize there’s only one God—and we’re not him. God is our Father, and he desires for us to experience the freedom that comes with living according to his loving will.