28 Signs of the Ahab Spirit

The spirit of Ahab works in men to make them passive, fearful and weak. Do you know any guys like that? Watch to learn the 28 signs of the Ahab spirit.

28 Signs of the Ahab Spirit

Ahab & Jezebel (1 Ki. 16-2 Ki 2) – A. people who died empowered by B. spirits live on 

1.    Possessed – counterfeit Spirit-filled. Powerful. Multiple Personality Disorder 

2.    Oppressed – Elijah ran 100 miles wanted to die, exhausted, foggy, dysregulated 

3.    Tendencies – personality (shy/passive), bad teaching, family system, temp (Obad.) 

  • A man or woman can have either Ahab or Jezebel spirit

= Ahab and Jezebel spirits feed off one another. 

7 Things Ahabs’ Love  

Tolerates/Passive – deriving “from Old French passif ‘suffering, undergoing hardship’…and directly from Latin passivus ‘capable of feeling or suffering,’ and…pati ‘to suffer’”. = allows suffering 

  • Avoid difficulty. Hope others take care of them
  • Often loved – never say no, no conflict

1.    Fear – Ahab hid in castle avoided war/conflict

spirit of fear, fear of man, short-range thinking, opposite faith 

2.    Entitlement – King Ahab was spoiled his entire royal life, killed Naboth for land  

3.    Victimhood – Elijah “troubler” =Always victim. Never villain. 

4.    Coddling – Ahab was like a boy, Jezebel was like his mother (marry a mother) 

Rubs back while he mopes in bed, kills Naboth, steals land. 

5.    Emotionalism – An Ahab spirit loves emotionally manipulating others. Ahab is the King of Israel, commands an army, and rules a nation from a throne in a castle. He is also known to sulk, whine, throw fits, and act like a toddler 

6.    Flattery – insecure/passive = control/manipulate by flattery

In bed sulking “Jezebel, his wife, said to him, Thou art of great authority, and thou governest well” (1 Kings 21:7, WYC). 

7.    Perversion – An Ahab spirit love sexual perversion. Ancient porn art. 

Revelation 2 “seducing…sexual immorality and [adultery]…” 

21 Things Ahab’s Avoid

1.    Headship – allow least healthy people to lead @ home, work, church 

2.    Conflict – No record entire life of ever having healthy and necessary conflict with his demon-possessed, murderous, lying wife, only Elijah when confronted. Victim

3.    Overt living – covert not overt person. Never comes clean and is caught by God and confronted by Elijah. Judas 

4.    Leading at Home – generations horrible husbands and fathers. 

5.    Learning – argued w/Elijah, never learned anything 

6.    Healthy spirituality – very spiritual. They practice witchcraft, divination, fund demonic cultic ministry, and are surrounded by idols. Love church (Rev. 2) 

7.    Leading at Work – Jezebel makes decisions, leads nation, rules & reigns. 

8.    Picking a Church

9.    Joy – emotional person- fearful, hiding, yelling, crying, sulking. 0 joy

10. Difficult Decisions – Ahab defers to Jezebel & false prophets saying what he wants

11. Sacrifice – war – he dressed in hiding unlike Jehoshaphat who in royal robes 

12. Generosity – 0 giving. Lots of taking – including Naboth’s field – but no giving. 

13. Correction – hates being confronted and rebuked (Elijah did). 0 repentance 

14. Caring – only time we see him emotional is when he’s being selfish. 

15. Dirty Work –Ahab uses Jezebel to do the dirty work =kills prophets, closes schools, murders Naboth, steals his land, & puts out the death sentence on Elijah. 

16. Family – multi-generational cursed evil family. God warned of sons death = nothing 

17. Doing Hard Things – soft guy living a soft life. 850 false prophets fight, not him. 

18. Rejection – insecurity. codependent marriage 

19. Discomfort – generations of kingly luxury. Loves pleasure/ease/comfort 

20.  Initiative – passive, reactive, father & wife & God made all decisions

21. Reality – in mind – good, successful, victim 


  • Ahab – Passive opens door to 
  • Jezebel – Controlling (next week) 
  • Jesus – King & exact opposite of Ahab 

Discussion and Prayer 

  1. What were your mom and dad like (passive like Ahab, controlling like Jezebel, or assertive like Elijah?) 
  2. What are you (and your spouse if married) like (passive like Ahab, controlling like Jezebel, or assertive like Elijah?) What changes do you need to seek in your life and/or family? 
  3. How can we pray for you?