12 Honors for Fathers of Daughters and Ecclesiastes Part 13


12 Honors for Fathers of Daughters

Along with meeting Jesus and having a wife, there is nothing that changes a man for the better more than having a daughter. Life is filled with many gifts, and a daughter is a special gift. As a man with two daughters, I am doubly blessed. This week our youngest daughter, Alexie, turned 12. In light of her birthday, I thought of 12 honors that God the Father bestows on those of us with daughters.

  1. The world is a dangerous place, and a daddy is commissioned to protect his daughter from harm.
  2. By providing for her practical and emotional needs, a daddy creates an environment in which his daughter can flourish.
  3. A daddy provides appropriate male affection that helps safeguard a girl from seeking it elsewhere.
  4. In loving her mom, a dad sets a pattern of what a healthy relationship should look like.
  5. Since they are both called “father”, a daddy can help a girl understand the love of her heavenly Father.
  6. In a world filled with confusion and manipulation, a daddy can help a girl understand her true identity and value.
  7. By having fun with his daughter, a daddy nurtures a relationship in which she wants to spend time with him.
  8. By being a teacher to his girl, a daddy can help her navigate the practical issues of life.
  9. As her first pastor, a daddy introduces his daughter to Jesus, the Bible, prayer, and church.
  10. By knowing and encouraging his daughter, a daddy can help her be secure in who God made her to be.
  11. By acknowledging his own faults, flaws, and failures, a daddy helps his daughter learn how to be honest about her own struggles.
  12. In accepting his daughter as a gift from the Lord, a daddy sees her as a treasure and helps her to also see herself as a treasure.

Happy birthday sweetie pie Alexie. On your birthday 12 years ago, I got the gift of a lifetime – a cute little blondie wrapped up in a pink blanket. Thank you for the joy and honor it is to be your Poppa Daddy, and have you as the gift in my life and our home. Thank you Father in heaven for the great honor and mission you have given me to be her Poppa Daddy.

Pastor Mark


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