Changes to the App and Website!


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Thank you for your prayer and financial support of Mark Driscoll Ministries. Your partnership helps me get the life-giving, soul-saving, eternity- altering Word of God out to the world. Most months, we have premium Bible teaching out to our monthly partners and those who give a gift of any amount. But, this month I wanted to just say THANK YOU and let you know about some things I am excited about:

  • Until now, to listen to the hundreds of sermons we have online you had to listen on the app or website. But, as of this month, you can now download them in MP3 format and take them with you wherever you go as we expand the easy to the sermons.
  • Until now, each month I give away a free research brief to thousands of pastors around the world via email and we are now expanding this to have them posted for free on the website and app to anyone.
  • Until now, my most popular sermon series ever, The Peasant Princess verse-by-verse study of the Song of Solomon, has been offline for many years but is now back on the website and app for free.
  • I am also working on a brand-new ministry tool where I will answer, in article format, questions about “What Christians Believe” on a wide assortment of theological and pastoral issues. I am working on the first 100 questions and plan on expanding this often for years to come as a large library of free easy to find and read Bible teaching on the website and app.
  • We are also making updates to the website and app so that getting Bible teaching is easier than ever.
  • I want to also ask you to join me in prayer for a private but very large and growing ministry that our family has. Behind the scenes, we have been counseling and consulting with pastors and their families in crisis and trauma. We love ministry leaders and consider it an honor to be a safe, confidential, and supportive resource to pastors and their families.
  • Lastly, my new book Spirit-Filled Jesus is out in October. Visit for a free sample chapter and other resources. When the book releases, I will have a sermon series and daily devotions to go along with the book and am beyond excited to teach what is one of the greatest missing aspects of Jesus powerful life and ministry that hinders people from living by His power!

Thank you again for your support.

Love and appreciate you,

Pastor Mark[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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