God’s Word at Work | Part 7

Hebrews 4:12 tells us that,”…the word of God is living and active…”

Here at Mark Driscoll Ministries we are committed to helping get the soul saving, life changing, eternity altering word of God out to the world. Sometimes, people are kind enough to email us and let us know how the Holy Spirit used Bible teaching in their life. We know that any good that happens is by God’s grace and for God’s glory, and we love hearing about both. These testimonies we receive are incredibly encouraging to us and give us opportunities to pray for people and rejoice at God’s work in their life.

So, we thought it would be fun to share some testimonies of God’s Word at work in people’s lives. After a long week, some good news goes a long way.  We hope and pray these testimonies cause you to thank God, pray for people, and enjoy God’s word for yourself as you share it with others. Lastly, THANK YOU to everyone who supports this ministry!

This week we are sharing some good news from men, most of whom are young.

From Dan,

You helped me understand that such great peace was found in Jesus. That Christmas I repented of my sexual immorality and started tearing up my bible that winter, sprinting forth in growth and sanctification, discipling dudes and going on missions. God redeemed my sexual purity, helped me defeat my addictions, and get married last year. You gave me the kick in the pants I needed to stop being a little boy and grow up. I listened to your sermons every night for years, and you really helped me “renew my mind” to become more like Jesus.

Thank you so much 🙂

From Derek

Your ministry was one of the few key ministries God used to draw me to Himself and save me.

From Josh

Pastor Mark has huge impact on my life, and I thank Jesus for him and continue to pray for him.

From Matt

Your ministry has been such a help to a young man trying to be a man with no father. You’ve firmly encouraged me when I’ve needed it and have been someone I feel like I can trust. Even

during the last year when you’ve come under such fire, I’ve felt that I could stand behind you and trust your teaching. I am so glad to see that you’ve started again and can’t wait to go through the book of Ecclesiastes with you.

From Shawn

I’m writing to you to encourage you in what I’m sure is still a time of struggling and also of healing, and to tell you of what a change your preaching has had in my life. I grew up in a Christian home, and went to church most of my life up until I moved out of the house at 18. I may have been raised Christian, but there was always something REAL that was missing from my Christian walk and in the churches I would attend from time-to-time.

I first heard of you through my sister-in-law and how you were another gifted preacher (everyone seems to know someone that is a great preacher), so after several promptings I listen to a few messages and was astounded at the detail and content by which you preach. At the time, I had not been to church in year, was living with my girlfriend, and was not following the Christ. I have always found it difficult to connect with Jesus, and to actually hear a message that had real content, made me think, and was convicting was something I’ve never experienced. I have listened to the Doctrine series three times, and Real Marriage twice, as well as your complete sermon series online at least once. I am single, 29, and for the first time am convicted in my faith and In Christ, learning a dependence on Jesus that I never thought possible or wanted. So, thanks you, Pastor Mark, for truly changing my life through your gifted preaching through Christ.

From Neil

I felt prompted to email to say I am excited to see what God has in store for you and your family. Your teaching was a blessing for me and my wife over many years over here in the UK. Your way of teaching the word was refreshing to me as a young married Christian man who came from a non-christian family and gave me the inspiration to get into the word more…

From Darren

I am SO happy to see you preaching again. I’m just a 37 year old guy from Pennsylvania that really struggled with some things. 7 years ago I listened to some of your stuff and Jesus really took hold of me. With your encouragement, I have been free from heavy shackles and I’ve changed my life around. I know you get this a lot, and you may never even read this….but THANK YOU. Your work is meaningful. You have a gift, and I am rooting for you and your family, praying for them. It has meant so much to me.

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