Graduation, Baseball, and Happy Father’s Day

Driscoll Family Update

Friday was the kids’ last day of school and Ashley’s (17) high school graduation. Grace and I attended each others’ high school commencement ceremonies, and it was surreal to be sitting together many years later at our daughters’. It is a great honor to be her dad, and we are excited for the future that God has planned for her.


The week has lots of friend time for the kids and baseball games for Calvin (13) and Gideon (9). This includes Gideon’s final game of the season, the championship, as the Dodgers and the Outlaws have a battle for the ages slated in the year end finale. Their last meeting ended with Gideon scoring the winning run from third on a walk off home run. It was so intense that both parents and kids saw their hair turn gray during the game.

Also, this Sunday is Father’s Day, so congratulations to all the physical and spiritual dads!

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New Sermons Online
This week we have added additional parts of the series, “Luke: Investigating The Man Who Is God.”
We will continue to work on bringing Pastor Mark’s archived content back online in the coming months. We will also be posting some completely new content, and will continue to notify you when it is added to the site, so stay tuned.

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