3 Perspectives of Possessions

Proverbs 3:9 – Honor the Lord with your wealth and with the firstfruits of all…

The Bible has a lot to say to and about “the rich”. Living amidst the greatest era of wealth and highest standard of living in world history, we can overlook the fact that, when compared to others, historically and globally, we are the rich. Most everyone who reads this daily devotion owns a car, lives in a safe and comfortable home with electricity, has a fridge with food, and a pantry with more food. Perhaps no one who reads this has a bucket that they use to go fetch water from to bring to their home.

When the Bible asks to honor the Lord with our wealth, that includes the money we make, possessions we have, and the combined total of all resources under our oversight. How we spend our money and use our possessions reveals our heart. Here are three perspectives on possessions:

  1. “What’s mine is mine” is selfish. Selfish people hoard what they have, have a miserly mindset, and are not generous in their giving and sharing of what they have.
  2. “What’s yours is mine” leads to stealing. This mentality leads to a sense of entitlement where you are owed something and therefore can steal it, demand it, or pressure someone else to provide it.
  3. “What’s mine is His” results in stewarding. Stewardship begins by seeing God as the owner of all things, and yourself as the manager. The result is a contentment and thankfulness for God’s provision and a willingness to give and share what God has given you with God and others.

Which of these best describes you? If married, which best describes your spouse?

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