Heaven Ain’t Lame: Everyone who Buys a Cake or Blows a Kazoo Wants Jesus

Matthew 22:1-2 – Jesus spoke to them in parables, saying, “The kingdom of heaven may be compared to a…wedding feast…

I’ve been a Senior Pastor for 25 years, started ministries myself, and seen a lot of people start various ministries. One thing I’ve never seen is anyone start their ministry quite like Jesus did.

In John 2, Jesus begins His public ministry changing water into wine at a wedding party. Can you just imagine, for example, a Baptist church planter launching their core group by bringing wine to a party? To be sure, Jesus’ choice is unique.


The miracles of God point to the Kingdom of God. The reason Jesus did His first miracle at a wedding party is because the Kingdom of God is the last and best wedding party. Revelation 19 previews the final wedding of history ushering in eternity as Jesus returns to rule the earth as a kingly groom, with the church being loved and cared for like a bride. The entire scene that ushers in forever is the most epic party that kicks off the party that never ends.

You were made for that party. Everyone who celebrates a birthday, loves the holidays, buys a cake, blows a kazoo, grills at a tailgate party, cheers at a concert, hosts a dinner party, smiles at a wedding, wears the jersey of their favorite team, or showed up for the inauguration of their candidate is someone who deep down wants Jesus to come back and throw a party…whether they know it or not.

Earth is the shadow of Heaven. The parties we throw are shadows of the Party that is Heaven. Sadly, the Devil has done a good job lying about Heaven and convincing folks that Hell is where the party is, and that Heaven is where the party poopers are. Nothing could be further from the truth.

What is the most fun party/event you’ve ever been to? How did it remind you of Heaven?

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