The Grace of God (Part 13): Ministry Grace

Like every child who is part of a family, God’s children in the Church have their part to play in the family of God. This is what the Bible means by ministry service unto the Lord.

Ministry grace is the spiritual gift or gifts that God gives to Christians, enabling them to have fruitful and fulfilling Kingdom service. First Peter 4:10 connects spiritual gifts to God’s grace: “As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace.”

Ministry grace transforms our entire life so that everything we do is seen through the lens of ministry to God by the abilities and opportunities He has given us. God gifts every Christian for meaningful and rewarding Kingdom service to be done at work, home, church, and wherever else they find themselves. The results of using our gifts are glory to God, help to others, and joy for us. The Christian who serves according to the grace of their spiritual gift is able to live a purposeful and passionate life of humble service, which is itself a gift of God. And, as we step out in faith to serve, we find that God gives us wisdom, courage, and perseverance that we did not have but that God has provided for us through the grace of the Holy Spirit.

How have you seen God’s grace at work through the Holy Spirit in your ministry service?

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