The Air War of Ministry

Nehemiah 8:4a – And Ezra stood on a wooden platform that they had made for the purpose.

Ezra’s lengthy sermon summarized the Pentateuch (meaning book in five parts), the first five books of the Bible written by Moses. Listening to the sermon were every man and woman who was old enough to understand what was being taught, cheering like a rock concert for Ezra to open the Bible.

Despite Ezra’s sermon lasting upwards of six hours, people remained attentive. A high pulpit was built for Ezra so that the people could see him, and hear him, with God’s Word literally and figuratively raised in authority.

Joining Ezra on the platform were other godly leaders like an old school Billy Graham Crusade. In reverent respect, the people stood when the Scriptures were open, honoring and receiving God’s Word humbly.

Ezra’s sermon exalted God. The people are passionate in their worship, evident in their words and visible in their actions, as they whole person responded to God’s Word, including getting face down on the ground. This powerful move of God the Holy Spirit was a revival.

Why is it important that different leaders like Nehemiah and Ezra, along with the people who serve under their leadership, love, respect, and appreciate one another’s differences?

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