The People Return Part 2

Nehemiah 7:66 – The whole assembly together was 42,360…

Nehemiah lists just over 4,000 priests who were descendants of Moses’ brother Aaron. Listed with them are the Levites who descended from one of the 12 patriarchs in Genesis and assisted the priests in doing the pastoral work of caring for people.

The singers who lead worship in the city are referenced at least 18 times in Nehemiah. In this, we see the importance of musical worship and production that includes singing among God’s people.

The gatekeepers were leaders chosen to oversee the various neighborhoods in the city where the gates were located. Through these gates people would pass in and out of the city as these gates served in a very real way as a door into the Old Testament church where God could be met and worshipped.

While the priests ministered like pastors thanks to the help of the Levites, who were in some ways like supportive ministry leaders, the Levites were also assisted by the temple servants and sons of Solomon’s servants. These servants worked faithfully much like the most fruitful members of a church.

There was also a list of people who arrived in Jerusalem claiming to be religious leaders and members of prominent families. However, their claims could not be proven, so they were not put into leadership without God’s confirmation. There are always going to be people who position themselves as spiritual leaders, but unless their claims can be verified, they should not be empowered to lead. Just because someone led in another place does not mean they are ready to lead somewhere new until they are known, proven, and invited.

Once it re-opened, the city and church in Jerusalem quickly grew very large. To fund all othe ministry, a great deal of money was generously given by God’s people. Thankfully, the people not only gave generously but so did the wealthiest people who were able to underwrite a great deal of the urban ministry expenses with gifts as large as what would be millions of dollars in today’s terms. Everyone gave, and those who made more gave more.

Worship leaders and musicians are featured in this chapter. Look up the following Scriptures to learn more about worshipping God together in song (Psalm 95:1-22; John 4:21-24; Romans 12:1; Revelation 5:8-14).

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