Are You Religious or Rebellious?: 2 Kinds of Prodigals

In this sermon from Real Men, Pastor Mark shares that men should not be rebellious or religious but that God sent His son Jesus to redeem both the rebellious and religious.

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Are You Religious or Rebellious?: 2 Kinds of Prodigals 

·         Luke 15:11-32

·         Parable – little story/big truth

·         One of the best known/loved stories ever

·         Christians Might Be Crazy: Postscript Redemption from Religion & Rebellion

·         Father – loving, present, generous, relational, no favorites

·         THE STORY – God dad. 2 sons. Which are you?

·         Fights in families & church families between the 2 kinds of brothers

#1. Rebellious Men

  • Do not like rules, authority, or “no”
  • Self-expression, pleasure, shameless = Progressive/Liberal
  • Dishonor Authority – father “dead”
  • Foolish & Entitled: Liquidated = $ loss
  • Squandered inheritance in sin
  • Famine = starving – Folly = Failure

= Repented = returned to father

Father upon Repentance

Did not – Disown & send away


  1. Hope – looking/waiting
  2. Ran = humiliates himself to love his son
  3. “compassion”
  4. “embraced”
  5. “kissed”
  6. “celebrated”
    • Ring (legal), coat, shoes (not slave), party
  • Son should have brought gift, empty handed

Fathers of Prodigals

1. Bless (opportunity to repent)

2. Release

3. Wait (open eyes & heart)

4. Bless

#2. Religious Men

  • Traditional, conservative,
  • Likes rules, order, consistency, and merit
  • Does not like grace or the need for grace
  • Dishonored Father – refused entry
  • Used did not love Father too – 2 x inheritance
  1. “angry” 2. ‘you”

= No Repentance


Did not  Disown & send away

Did Bless

  • “1. Son, you are always with me, 2. and all that is mine is yours. 3. It was fitting to celebrate and be glad”

= Both Sons are prodigals

= Both Sons Need Grace & Get Grace, 1 receives it

Rebellious Men  

Rule Breaker

Unrighteous Lifestyle

Visible Outward Sin

Leans Progressive

Religious Men 

Rule Keeper

Self-Righteous Lifestyle

Invisible Inward Sin

Leans Traditional

#3. The Father Sent the Son to Redeem Rebellious and Religious Men 

  1. Loved the Father
  2. not rebellious or religious
  3. Did not run from the Father; Sent by the Father
  • 2 Corinthians 5:21
  • Big brother
  • Great Exchange – rebellion & religion
  • New heart & will to rebellious & religious
  • Jesus brings the Father’s love & inheritance
    • We wear his righteousness as a robe
    • Seated at Father’s table


Which Category Best Describes You?

1. Publicly and privately religious? The Holy Roller

2. Publicly and privately rebellious? The Bad Boy

3. Publicly rebellious and privately religious? The Legalist

4. Publicly religious and privately rebellious? The Hypocrite

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