Overcoming the Ahab and Jezebel spirits

Are you more passive, aggressive, or assertive? In this Real Men sermon, Pastor Mark teaches how to overcome the passive spirit of Ahab and the aggressive spirit of Jezebel to embody the assertive spirit of Elijah.

Ahab & Jezebel (1 Ki. 16-2 Ki 2) – 

-A. people who died empowered by B. spirits live on 

Levels of Demonic Influence

1. Possessed – counterfeit Spirit-filled. Powerful. Multiple Personality Disorder 

2. Oppressed – Elijah ran 100 miles wanted to die, exhausted, foggy, dysregulated 

3. Tendencies – personality (shy/passive), bad teaching, family system, temp (Obad.) 

  • A man or woman can have either Ahab or Jezebel spirit
  • Jezebel wants sovereignty/control – hard to remove 

3 Kinds of People 

  1. Passive (enabling like Ahab)
  2. Aggressive (controlling like Jezebel)
  3. Assertive (humble confidence like Elijah, Jesus) 

14 Tips for Overcoming Ahab and Jezebel spirits 

  1. Choose the Spirit over the flesh, and demonic. 
  2. Confess any sin to God that has given a foothold in your life. 
  3. Forgive Ahab’s and Jezebel’s. 
  4. Do not give in to a spirit of fear. 
  5. Do not tolerate. 
  6. Confront. 
  7. Speak the truth in love. 
  8. Be a peacemaker, not a peacekeeper. 
  9. Always have a witness. 
  10. Maintain clear boundaries. 
  11. Be willing to separate. 
  12. Expect seduction, emotional manipulation, and attack in response. 
  13. Be patient to see if there is real change or just fakery. 
  14. If it’s a close family member, seek professional help. 

4 Steps to Reclaiming Surrendered Ground 

  1. Confess – in pray confess and repent of anything that would provide a demonic foothold in your life (habitual sin, believing lies, inner vows, occultic activity, sexual rebellion, trauma, bitterness, ungodly relationships, etc.)
  2. Cancel – in spiritual warfare, through our sin we retreat and give ground to our enemy. In prayer through Jesus’ name, we cancel the ground we have given in any area of our life (e.g. thoughts we think in our mind, things we consume in our body, images we consume with our eyes, relationships that encourage us to sin against God). You should then invite the Holy Spirit to fill any and every area where you have given ground to the Enemy. 
  3. Command – using your authority in Christ, in prayer you can command any demons, including their works and effects (sometimes this is what causes physical sickness and torment) to leave you and every area of your life in Jesus name. 
  4. Commit – in prayer you commit yourself to living in the Spirit seeking to obey God as a surrendered worshipper in every area of your life. 

Heavenly Father

I thank you that you have loved me, adopted me, forgiven me, and begun a process to make me more and more like Jesus Christ. 
I confess that I have been passive, controlling, or tolerating. These are sins against you. 

I cancel any foothold I have given my flesh or the demonic in my life and family. I confess the sins of my family, and any generational patterns or curses that I have continued rather than crucified. 

I thank you that Jesus lived the perfect life I have not lived, died the death I should have died, and gives the gift I cannot earn. Jesus Christ, you are Lord over my life and it all belongs to you.

Lord Jesus thank you that when you died and rose for me, you took me from the Kingdom of darkness to your Kingdom of light. I thank you for taking me from being a child of the Devil, to a child of the Father. 

I claim my authority in Christ to live out of my new identity as a child of God, by the power of the Holy Spirt, to become like Jesus Christ to the glory of God the Father. 

I pray against the Enemy, his servants, and their works and effects in my life and family. 

I take back any ground I have surrendered to the Enemy in his spiritual war against me. 

I invite the Holy Spirit to fill me, occupying every aspect of my being and life, empowering me to live in the victory won by my king, Jesus Christ!

In Jesus’ name


Discussion and Prayer 

  1. What is your big takeaway from this 4-part Real Men series?
  2. How can we pray for you? 
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