Pray Like Jesus – Ashley Chase

Co-author of Pray Like Jesus, Ashley Chase shares how we can discern God's will within in our own lives through listening to our Father.

  • Prayer is both talking to and listening to God – communication goes both ways
  • Question of how to discern God’s will – pray to the Father, through the Son, by the power of the HS
  • Hearing the Father’s voice – to a kid you have to explain who is mom, dad, brother, sister
    • They get more familiar as they get older and remember people in their life
  • Big decisions are a series of small ones
  • God’s will is often a direction – towards His ultimate glory, and that’s why it’s not always easy (Jesus dying on the cross was the Father’s will)
  • In my life…many pieces had to come into place for my husband and me to meet, get to know each other, timing of marriage, etc. 
  • Now I look back and see how God had His hand in all of it and it encourages me of His faithfulness in the future or when it’s hard to see
  • Sometimes look back and see when you got off track
    • James: big ship is moved by a small rudder, the evil/crooked/twisted man in Proverbs
  • Don’t chase opportunity, but God’s will, which will result in ultimate joy
  • So how do you hear from him?
    • Some of the points from the book/sermon are helpful:
      • Scriptural prayers – Psalms when I don’t know where to go
      • Warfare prayers – if mind is cloudy pray against attack, for clarity
      • Thankful – to keep focus on him
      • Song – join angels!
      • Burdens – repent, forgive, be honest, sometimes for people, complain v. pray
      • Daily – prone to wander, especially in marriage – division

Personal Study Questions:

  1. What challenges with prayer are you currently facing? What changes would you like to make to your prayer life in the future?
  2. Is there any specific time in your life when you felt God was really with you in prayer and showed up in an amazing way to answer that prayer? Describe it.
  3. What does it mean to pray in God’s will?
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