6 Tools God Gives Real Men

Any Godly man can learn from the example of Daniel and see six tools that God gives him and he uses throughout his life. In this talk from Real Men, Pastor Mark explains in detail each of these six tools and how you too can use these tools in your own life.

6 Tools God Gives Real Men: Daniel Chapter 2

  • My grandpa George & my dad growing up (each tool had a function for a need)

Daniel 1 – 605 BC after 490 years rebellion God allows Babylon/Nebuchadnezzar, invades & enslaves, walk 700 miles, eunuch, vegetarian, brainwash, name, teenager

  • Spirit of Babylon (Rev. 14, 16,17,18) vs Spirit of God

Problem – Prayer – Praise – Prophecy – Promise (Kingdom) – Promotion

1.Godly Friends: Daniel 2:17

  • Mentor myth vs bullpen
  • Wise counsel (not just family, coworkers, or old buddies)
  • Grace and I approve of these couples & individuals

2.Prayer: Daniel 2:17-19

  • 6:10 prayed 3X day, 9 big prayer answered by Gabriel
  • Communication key to war

Alexander, Hannibal, Caesar – relay runners

Ghengis Khan – homing pigeons

Flags on boats at sea

Telegraph & morse code


Wired phones – lines cut

Wireless field telephones

Printed telegraph

FM Radio

Television (propaganda)


3.Worship: Daniel 2:19-30

  • Reminding & celebrating the character of God
  • Connecting to God helps you disconnect to all that is ungodly
  • Men don’t sing in public because it’s unfamiliar but that makes it powerful

4.Revelation: Daniel 2:31-43

  1. General – creation (internal); conscience (external), dream, vision, word
  2. Special – Jesus Christ, Scripture
  • Bible – daily (devos), YouVersion, audio Bible

5.Access to King Jesus and the Kingdom of God: Daniel 2:44-45

  • Unseen realm overtakes seen realm

6.Holy Spirit Power: Daniel 4:8, 18

  • Nebuchadnezzar is under no authority or control = men apart from Spirit
  • Daniel is a man under authority & control = man w/Spirit
  • Jesus Spirit-filled (my flight)

Discussion and Prayer 

  1. Do you have godly friends?
  2. What is God revealing to you lately?
  3. What area of your life do you need the power of the Holy Spirit most lately?
  4. How can we pray with/for you today?
  5. Do you need a Bible?
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